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A growing number of states, tests and instructional products link their mathematics programs to the Quantile Framework® for Mathematics.

Student Quantile Measures

Students receive Quantile measures from a wide variety of sources. Popular math assessments and programs, including nearly a dozen state departments of education assessments, report Quantile measures. Browse products that report Quantile student measures.

Learning Materials with Quantile Measures

Nearly 600 textbooks, 64,000 lessons and more than 3,100 downloadable resources have received Quantile measures. That makes it easier than ever to match children to math skills and concepts that they’re ready to learn. See the products that use Quantile measures.

States Offering Quantile Measures

Students from across all 50 states receive Quantile measures from instructional programs and assessments used in the classroom. A growing number of state departments of education link their state assessments to report Quantile measures to make their test results more meaningful and actionable. Browse states that provide Quantile measures for their students.

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What do I do with my child’s Quantile measure?

Use Quantile Measures