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The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics gives you a powerful tool to personalize math learning for students by linking assessments to instruction.

It’s based on a scientifically validated developmental scale that measures both the math skill level of your students and the difficulty of math skills and concepts they encounter.

  • A student Quantile measure helps you better understand which skills and concepts your students are ready to learn so you can better personalize math instruction.
  • Math concepts and skills also have Quantile measures, so it’s easy to figure out which math concepts students are ready to learn next.

A growing number of math programs and state assessments report Quantile measures. In addition, many textbooks and instructional materials are linked to the Quantile scale. When you’re able to match students with math resources that support their knowledge and build it further, you’re also supporting their path to college and career readiness.

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Get the details: what is a Quantile measure and how do you use it?

What is a Quantile measure?