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A typical score on a math test doesn’t tell you if students will be prepared for the mathematics demands of college or career.

But with Quantile® measures you’ll have that knowledge.

By tracking student Quantile measures over time with the Quantile Growth Planner™, you can learn where individual students are on the path to college and career readiness, and create a plan to accelerate students who may not be on track.

What about mathematics demands beyond college? We conducted extensive research to identify, measure and analyze the materials that are used by individuals required by more than 250 careers. The result is a comprehensive database of the ideal Quantile measure required for a wide variety of careers.

These career Quantile measures are available to many educators through their state departments of education or through partnerships with education companies.

Educators frequently use Quantile planners as a communication tool with parents to discuss where their child lies on the path to college and career readiness, and the optimal plan to move their child forward.