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The Quantile® Growth Planner offers a snapshot of a student’s progress toward college and career readiness. With the Lexile® and Quantile® Growth Planners, you can see the Lexile level and/or Quantile level associated with entry-level reading and/or math demands of hundreds of careers to inform goal setting.

MetaMetrics studied the difficulty of lessons in mathematics textbooks commonly used in the United States to help understand the mathematics demand that students will likely encounter in their elementary through high school mathematics courses. Results are shown in the table below. In a related study, MetaMetrics found that the mathematics ability needed for college and career readiness ranged from approximately 1220Q to 1440Q, and the median mathematics demand for college and career readiness was 1350Q.

Quantile Lesson Measures to Guide Mathematics Instruction for College and Career Readiness

Grade Lessons Complexity Measures
Beginning of Year
Lessons Complexity Measures
End of Year
1 EM50Q* 80Q
2 40Q 300Q
3 240Q 490Q
4 390Q 680Q
5 560Q 810Q
6 680Q 890Q
7 800Q 950Q
8 840Q 1050Q
9 900Q 1150Q
10 1070Q 1230Q
11 1100Q 1350Q

*When a Quantile measure is below 0Q, an EM (Emerging Mathematician) code is reported with the measure.

Read our research briefs describing this work: A Quantitative Task Continuum for K-12 Mathematics and The Quantile Framework for Mathematics Quantifies the Mathematics Ability Needed for College and Career Readiness.

Looking for More Research?

MetaMetrics has gathered years of research as well as conducted its own research on better ways to measure student math ability and report growth.

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