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Most U.S. teachers face the challenge of a classroom of students who have a wide range of math abilities. The Quantile Framework® for Mathematics allows educators to personalize instruction by putting math ability and math concepts on a common scale.

Make Assessment Results Actionable

We work with a growing number of state departments of education who have incorporated Quantile measures into their state assessment programs. Implementing Quantile measures does much more than help measure achievement. It also provides state departments of education with:

  • An interpretive framework for looking at assessment data and evaluating student progress towards college and career readiness on a longitudinal scale.
  • The ability to connect assessments to classroom instruction. 
  • A tool to engage parents in their children’s education.
  • A wide range of benefits for educators.

Quantile measures were created by MetaMetrics®, the same company that also developed:

Quantile Measures for State DOEs

Learn more about Quantile measures and how they are being used to make test scores actionable.

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