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Hands-on training can make Quantile® measures an even more valuable tool to inform instruction and help students accelerate their progress towards college and careers. We’ve worked with thousands of educators virtually and in their schools to get the most out of Quantile measures.

Who Should Attend Workshops?

All education professionals who need to monitor and improve student achievement:

  • K–12 classroom Teachers
  • Mathematics Teachers
  • Mathematics Specialists
  • Principals and Supervisors
  • Testing Coordinators
  • Math Consultants
  • Service Center Trainers and Professionals
  • Curriculum Administrators
  • District Administrators

Workshop Overview

We offer a variety of different types of workshops, including interactive virtual sessions, on-site workshops and customized consulting. Each workshop will help put Quantile measures to work for you and your school. Master facilitators demonstrate how to use Quantile measures to:

  • Achieve your instructional and curricular objectives
  • Match students to appropriately challenging materials
  • Target instruction and map day-to-day progress to desired results on high-stakes tests
  • Track progress and set achievable goals
  • Communicate with parents about students’ progress and goals
  • Meet federal, state, and district requirements for student performance and growth

Choose the Best Workshop for Your Organization

Half-Day: Foundations of the Quantile Framework

Intended for: Math Specialists, Testing Coordinators, Principals, Curriculum Administrators

Format: On-site

Duration: Two and one-half hours

  • Learn to use Quantiles to understand task difficulty and student readiness
  • Understand how the Quantile Framework for Mathematics was developed
  • Receive an in-depth study of the Quantile map as it relates to the developmental structure of mathematics
  • Empower participants to answer parent and teacher questions regarding the Framework
  • Experience the Quantile Web site with a guided tour

Full-Day: Foundations and Utilization of the Quantile Framework

Intended for: Math Teachers, Math Specialists, Curriculum Administrators, Principals and Supervisors

Format: On-site

  • History and development of The Quantile Framework for Mathematics
  • Using Quantile measures to understand task difficulty and student readiness
  • How the Quantile map relates to the developmental structure of mathematics
  • Answering teachers’ and parents’ questions about the Quantile Framework
  • Guided tour of
  • Using Quantile web tools to differentiate instruction, develop grade-level lesson plans and meet school, district and state standards


  • Online, faciliator-led overview of The Quantile Framework for Mathematics

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