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Math Resources at the Right Level for Your Child

Quantile® Math@Home is a website full of free tools and family-friendly activities to support your child’s mathematics learning. With Math@Home, you can work with your child to practice specific mathematical skills and concepts at the right level of difficulty. In one simple step, you can:

  • Build a customized list of materials and activities that match your child’s unique ability level and learning goals.
  • Work with your child’s teacher to provide a list of targeted activities to practice outside of school.

To Use Math@Home

Enter your child’s state, grade and Quantile measure to gain unlimited, free access to a growing number of fun and engaging resources like websites, worksheets and videos. If your child doesn’t have a Quantile measure, you can still access the entire site. You can search for resources based on your child’s grade, subject matter and comfort level in math.

Customized, At-Home Math Resources

Math@Home can provide your child with extra help on just about any mathematical problem.