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Have Ideas for Research Using Quantile® Measures?

Many educators and researchers are interested in conducting their own research using Quantile measures. We support them by providing access to valuable resources through the Lexile® & Quantile® Hub.

  • Math Skills Database. Find the mathematical demands of Quantile Skills and Concepts aligned to state curriculum standards. Access free resources that support instruction in each skill and concept and get a detailed view of the interconnections between the skills and concepts. 
  • Grade Level Charts. View selected student percentiles by grade and time of year.
  • Growth Planner. Use Quantile measures to determine if a student is on track for college and career readiness.
  • Career Database. Identify the mathematical demands of entry level materials needed for a desired career.

Identify the level of access you need through membership options and select “Researcher” as your role when registering. If you need more access than is provided by premium membership, contact us through our support center.

Our Research Continues

From when we were founded 30 years ago to today, research — both internal and external — is in our DNA.

While we continue to work with education companies, publishers and state departments of education to incorporate Quantile measures into their products and assessments, we have a dynamic research pipeline. On both the math and reading side, we are working to personalize learning based upon the principles of deliberate practice and sound psychometric theory. In the math domain, we are examining the postsecondary mathematical demands of college and careers. This information will be used to help students and educators monitor if they are on track for success in school, college and careers.

Browse Research

If you’d like to learn more about the research behind the Quantile Framework for Mathematics or explore independent research studies and analysis using our metrics, visit our research and publications database.