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If you’re wondering whether your child will develop the math skills necessary for success in college and the workplace, Quantile measures can be a powerful tool. Charting your child’s Quantile measures over time can help you see if your child is on the right path to college and career readiness, or if they need additional support.

The Quantile Growth Planner™

The Quantile Growth Planner is a free tool to track your child’s growth in math, forecast future growth and compare that forecasted growth with the mathematics demands of college and careers. It can also be used as a communication tool to identify and plan a custom growth path to ensure the child graduates college- and career- ready.

How To Use the Quantile Growth Planner

All you need to do is enter your child’s Quantile measure reported from a state or another assessment taken at school, as well as the date of the test. If you’re not sure when your child took the test, just estimate it.

The Quantile Growth Planner takes the measures you enter and forecasts future mathematical growth. You can use this projected growth path to determine if the child will graduate college- and career- ready. If the forecasted growth path falls short of college and career readiness, the tool presents a growth path of recommended yearly gains to close the gap. Like any predictive algorithm, providing more data typically improves the accuracy of the projection.

Forecast Math Growth

See if your child is on track to have the math skills they need for college and careers.

Access the Quantile Growth Planner