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As a parent, it can be challenging to know what’s happening with your child’s math learning.

The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics can help by giving you a powerful tool to support your child in math. It’s a scientific approach that uses the same developmental scale to measure both the math ability of your child and the difficulty of math skills and concepts he or she encounters.

  • A student Quantile measure can help you and your child’s teacher better understand which skills and concepts your child is ready to learn.
  • Math concepts and skills also have Quantile measures, so it’s easy to figure out which math concepts your child is ready to learn next.

Your child gets a Quantile measure based on a classroom or state math assessment. This helps you and your child’s teacher know which skills and concepts they’re ready to learn next.

What is a Quantile measure?

Discover how Quantile measures can help you support math learning at home.

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