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Math@Home is a free website full of tools and family-friendly activities to support students’ mathematics learning. With Math@Home, you can work with parents to provide activities they can do with their children at home, covering specific concepts at the right level of difficulty. In just a few simple steps, you or a student’s parent can build a customized list of materials and activities that match the student’s unique ability level and learning goals.

Customized, At-home Math Resources

Math@Home can provide students with at-home help on just about any mathematical problem.


Step One

Parents or educators enter a student’s state, grade and Quantile measure to gain unlimited, free access to a growing number of fun and engaging resources like websites, worksheets and videos.

If a student doesn’t have a Quantile measure, you can still access and search for resources based on the student’s grade, subject matter, and comfort comfort level in math.

Step Two

Select the student’s textbook to gain access to lessons that correlate directly with classroom work. You can still access resources for specific subjects at the right level without selecting a textbook.

Step Three

Pick the relevant lessons for your the student. You can view and refine the types of lessons that will be the most helpful.

Step Four

Create lists of “favorites” to save different types of lessons. These lists can be public or private.

Math@Home can provide students with extra help on just about any mathematical problem.