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The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics can help you quickly find instructional materials that align to state standards.

  • The Math Skills Database is a quick way to find leveled resources that match your state’s standards.
  • The Quantile® Teacher Assistant helps you find resources to plan lessons and develop formative assessments that align with state standards.

Math Skills Database

Use the Math Skills Database to locate resources aligned to Quantile Skills and Concepts (QSCs) as well as state mathematics standards. You can then select activities that meet your students’ needs:

  • Choose activities for concepts lower than a student’s Quantile measure when they need additional instructional support, like when they view math topics as more challenging, threatening or unfamiliar.
  • Choose activities for concepts at or above a student’s Quantile range to stimulate growth when a topic holds high interest for the student or enrichment activities are needed.

Access the Math Skills Database

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Quantile® Teacher Assistant

Find Leveled Resources for Lesson Planning

The Quantile Teacher Assistant helps you plan lessons that differentiate instruction, so lessons meet the varying math abilities and learning needs of your classroom.

This tool is aligned with state mathematics curriculum standards. When you search for the state standard you want to teach, the Quantile Teacher Assistant will show you additional QSCs that are prerequisite concepts that students must understand in order to progress in their study of mathematics, as well as supplemental concepts for students who have the ability to move forward.

Access the Quantile Teacher Assistant

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