The Quantile Framework for Mathematics brings additional value to instructional and assessment products.

Benefits for Partners

The Quantile Framework for Mathematics supports instructional and assessment products and services using a scale which measures the student as well as the difficulty of the mathematics students need to learn.  For publishers of instructional materials, providing a Quantile measure with your products helps educators readily identify appropriate materials for teaching.  For assessment developers, providing a Quantile measure as part of the student score report helps educators readily identify the skills the student is ready to learn.

Because the Quantile Framework is based on two key measurements -- both the student’s level of achievement and the difficulty of individual math skills -- educators and parents gain insight on students’ readiness to learn. These measures help key partners in education – from textbook publishers to developers of instructional programs – help students to be appropriately challenged.

By using a single scale which establishes the relationship between a student’s mathematical skill level and the difficulty in learning that skill, the Quantile Framework readily works within a variety of programs and evaluation tools to establish student learning needs.